About GoNap

You want nappy change convenience?

Now you’ve got it!

GoNap was born out of necessity. An on-the-go, out and about kind of Mum was forever asking the question “isn’t there some sort of product on the market that gets me? That understands my lifestyle and that I just want to run out the door with my beautiful baby, my bank card & my phone – not be ball and chained to that massive, bulky nappy bag?

The answer was quite simply NO!

So, like all the most wonderful products in the world today, she set about making it happen.
And VOILA! Hello to the best friend a parent or guardian could ever have – GoNap!

Not only was the convenience factor a big driving force in the creation of GoNap, ensuring that considerations were also given to our precious environment and community were also at the top of the list.

GoNap is the only environmentally conscious all-in-one nappy pack on the market. Everything from the packaging, to the wipes, to the change mat, to the actual nappy is eco-conscious – a big consideration in today’s disposable society.

At GoNap, we’re passionate about making a difference to the world. It sounds very beauty pageant, but it’s true. We want the impact we have on people and the world we live in to be something our children will be proud of.

Our mission at GoNap is simple…

To make the world a better place.

Let’s not over-complicate it.

More love and consideration in this world can’t be a bad thing, right?!

We know that young families might not have the disposable income they did in their early 20’s – when donating to charity each and every month was a no brainer and we didn’t track our money as closely as we do now with children in tow.

So, fear not! 

Each and every GoNap sold donates 5 cents to our Charity Buddies on your behalf. GoNap Charity Buddies are carefully chosen not-for-profit charities that could possibly have a direct link to you, your neighbour, your friend or family member.

Annnnd, guess what!? We want to spread our love and care as far afield as possible. So, if you have a not-for-profit charity you love and respect, then let us know.

Our Charity Buddies change each 12 months and we’re always on the hunt to add to our rotating giving pool.

Check out our Charity Buddies here.

So that’s ‘About Us’ in 383 words.

A pretty cool innovation, for pretty cool people in a pretty cool world.

Go forth and pee and poop with pride babies!

We’ve got your back – BE Consciously & Conveniently Covered with GoNap!