How is GoNap eco conscious?

Let’s start by saying GoNap is not your all day, every day nappy solution.

Butt (😄)…whether you use reusable nappies, conventional nappies, biodegradable nappies, a mix of reusable and disposable, elimination communication – whatever – there will come a time where your need for coverage doesn’t match what you have on hand, or your situation sees you needing the Conscious & Convenient option, sort of like grabbing a . Well hello GoNap!

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What are GoNap nappies made from?

We searched near and far to manufacture the best eco conscious bamboo nappies for GoNap. We are strong believers in transparency, so here you can see just what makes a GoNap nappy:


What is your size guide for GoNap nappies?

GoNap packs come in 3 sizes; Infant, Crawler and Walker.

Our Infant size is a smidge larger than newborn, but if you find yourself in a situation where you NEED a nappy – then GoNap Infant will do the trick to get you where you need to go.

GoNap nappies have a lot of give in the waistband and around the legs, so in most cases, you’ll find yourself covered.

We suggest you refer to the weight ranges, instead of Infant, Crawler, Walker, as no two children are the same, and some babes have chunky little thighs, other chicken legs. Best to visit our OUR PRODUCTS page for a run down on sizes.

My GoNap nappy has leaked. (We haven’t had this one yet, but just in case)

Hmmmm, Houston, I think we have a problem and all arrows point to sizing.

GoNap nappies are manufactured with the highest of international standards and with catching and holding wee & poop their primary function, we take that very seriously.

If you have experienced leakage, might we suggest you check the size of your GoNap, with the weight of you baby. You may have to go up or down a size, check whether there are any gaps around the legs or you may need to fasten the tabs on the waistband more securely.

In any case, let us know if you are not satisfied so we can resolve any issues you have.

It looks like my baby has nappy rash.

It looks like my baby has nappy rash.

Nappy rash is very common in babes and can be caused by a number of things, like;

  • Allergies
  • Teething
  • Fever
  • Illness
  • Weather conditions
  • Prolonged use of a soiled nappy

GoNap nappies use more natural products than most other nappies, so it is worth exploring other factors that may have contributed to the rash as per above.

Here’s some tips to alleviate nappy rash and any discomfort associated with it:

  • Check you are using the correct sized nappy for your baby’s body
  • Change your bub’s booty more frequently and watch for your baby’s toilet cues
  • Try to have some nappy free time
  • Use GoNap wet wipes or other alcohol-free, natural based wet wipes
  • Be mindful of their diet and if there is a particular food causing the rash
Can I compost GoNap nappies?

Our nappies are 61% biodegradable and our wet wipes 100% biodegradable and we do recommend you home compost our wet wipes.  Wee and poop are considered a biohazard so it’s unavoidable that all nappies are disposed of in general waste. The best way to dispose of a GoNap nappy is to wrap it in the GoNap Change Mat and place in general waste. It will breakdown in much less time than conventional nappies (approx. 6 years vs 600 years).

How do I best dispose of my GoNap?

Let’s break it down (pun intended).

The nappies and change mat – wrap nappy in the GoNap Change Mat and discard in general waste.

GoNap wipes – you can either home compost or dispose of them in general waste.

GoNap wipes packet – put with your soft plastics and take to a REDcycle drop off point. Find your nearest <here>

GoNap outer packet – dispose of it in a recycling bin or feel free to reuse as a gathering pouch, purse or waterproof packet for your phone.

So, tell me how GoNap nappies break down in land fill?

Each and every landfill site is different and there are many factors that determine how effectively GoNap nappies break down.

With the advancement in technology and science, landfill sites are consistently improving, and becoming much better at decomposing rubbish. The levels of oxygen present or not can vary as each site can be managed differently and rubbish can be circulated with machinery to ensure degradation is occurring. Some newer landfill sites promote biodegradation through the injection of water, oxygen and microbes. Commonly things like vermin and bacteria found at landfill sites help to break down GoNap nappies also. Biodegradation can happen without oxygen present in landfill sites, it just takes longer. The important thing to remember about GoNap nappies is…if you dispose of a product that has concentrated on an eco conscious deliverable and contains predominantly biodegradable materials, then it will break down much faster compared to that of a product that hasn’t. Conventional nappy vs biodegradable nappy.

Where are GoNap packs made?

GoNap is a proud Australian owned and innovated kind company, sharing profits with Australian not-for-profit charities.

Much research into the manufacture of eco conscious nappies was done and we confidently decided on our Chinese manufacturer as being the most experienced and effective.

We explored local and international nappy manufacturers and it soon became clear that our manufacturer was by far the most knowledgeable and efficient eco nappy supplier.

Our belief was to do it and do it well, so our nappies are of the highest quality and made with the best materials available.

Our teams in China are happy to come to work for GoNap and work in ISO certified factories.

How do I become a GoNap Stockist?

Easy! Simply <click here> and fill out the application online and we will get back in touch with you.

How do I become a GoNap Stockist?

Easy! Simply <click here> and fill out the application online and we will get back in touch with you.

What is the RRP of GoNap and GoNap Swim?

For about the price of a coffee, you can have peace of mind and freedom to go wherever, whenever with a GoNap… RRP: $4.95

Where can I buy GoNap & GoNap Swim?

You can purchase our pocket eco nappy change pack online on this website using our secure payment facility, or you can purchase them from a stockist near you. Check out our Stockists page

How do I collab with GoNap?

We’d love to hear from you and explore the synergy between your followers and our audience. Send us an email to marketing@gonap.com.au

I want to nominate a not-for-profit charity to be considered as a GoNap Charity Buddy…

Our Charity Buddies are carefully chosen on an annual basis. If you are or believe in a freaking fantastic not-for-profit charity, shoot us an email info@gonap.com.au to let us know about it.